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16 June 2021: Post Market Report: Finally a fall after the Rally?

As we discussed in the morning that the international markets (especially the US) were down last night ahead of the outcome of the US Federal Reserve meeting later today & the Indian market saw a similar fall after all these days of a big rally. Most experts feel that the US central bank is likely to leave rates unchanged.

For the day, Nifty closed at 15,767, down 101 points or 0.64 percent.

The Nifty formed a bearish candle on the daily scale after forming three indecisive candles. There are chances of the index revisiting the 15,600 level as per major analysts.

Top gainers in the Nifty today are as follows

And the top losers were

And this is how the various Sectoral Index performed during the day

Except for FMCG & IT, all other major indexes closed in the red.

That's it, for now, folks, let us catch up again tomorrow morning with the pre-market report to know how the market will move tomorrow.

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