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21 June 2021, Post Market Report: The big recovery that we expected in the morning.

I am very happy that most of the investors have seen a great day as our investments went up in the day as expected in our pre-market report. Click here to read the pre-market report, if you have not read it already.

As expected, the market opened with a big gap-down at 15505 & then moved up to close the day at 15746, up by 63 points or 0.4% as seen below.

Index Watch When we look at the Nifty Index, The rally today was led by PSU banks & Realty, whereas Nifty IT & Auto underperformed today. But one thing to note here is that, even when Nifty IT did not perform well, our stock pick of HCL tech worked wonders to give profit to our members.

Top Gainers

The top gainer for the day was Adani Ports, which took support and moved up by 5.13% after all these days of loss, followed by others like NTPC, Titan & SBIN.

Top Losers

Auto stocks were the top losers for the day lead by Tata motors, Maruti & Mahindra. Also, the IT stocks which had a bull run last week were looking weak today. One reason for this could be the soon-to-be-announced results of "Accenture" in the US market, which generally sets the standard for global IT companies. Watch out for its results as positive results can bring another rally in the Indian IT sector as well.

That's it for now folks. Let us catch up on the Premarket report tomorrow morning to enter the market with more confidence.

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