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22 June 2021, Post Market Report: The consolidation before the storm. Auto sector lead the day.

Hope all of you had a profitable day as things happened just as we expected in the Premarket report. If you missed reading it, do click here to read it now.

As expected, the Nifty went up after the gap up opening at 15840 to reach almost close at the resistance of 15900 and then tumbled back down to finally close flat at 15772.

Index Watch

As we had seen and discussed in the morning pre-market report, the Auto sector which has been on the losing end in the last few days emerged to lead the rally today and was up by 1.34%. Maruti gained 5% in the day.

Top Gainers

As discussed on the morning, with most of the states going into the unlock mode, FMCG and Auto were to gain from that. But as Maruti and Hero announce price hikes, it led to a bigger rally in the auto sector and we can see Maruti in the top gainer's list with an up move of 5.18%.

Top Losers

Nifty Realty was the top loser and we could see the weakness in Asian paints which went down by 1.75%.

We could see a sudden down move at the end of the day as Rupee weakened and thus FII's booking profit in the day.

That's it, for now, team, let's catch up tomorrow on the Premarket report to enter the market with more confidence.

- Srikant Rajan

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