Global Markets rebound close to all time high, Will Indian markets take the support?

Good Morning, everyone, We had a holiday yesterday when the global markets were on. So let us look at, how the global markets performed in the last 2 days.

Global markets:

As I had written in the post-market report on Tuesday, the US market had rebounded from its low and this continued yesterday as well. You can read the post-market report by clicking here if you missed reading that.

US markets have come back close to the levels that they were in before the fall, At the close in NYSE, the Dow Jones Industrial Average added 0.83%, while the S&P 500 index gained 0.82%, and the NASDAQ Composite index added 0.92%. Look at the charts of all 3 US markets below to understand the V-shaped recovery they have had in the last 2 days after our market closed last on Tuesday evening.

Indian Market:

Trends on the SGX Nifty indicate a gap up opening.

Shortening the report as I am travelling. Will catch up on live market by 10am