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Profit booking by the institutional! Time for some reversal?

Good Evening Everyone, What a volatile day today as we could see multiple sectors going all the way up and down. Generally, we see such volatility during the expiry, but this is probably due to the level above 17300. Exactly as I had written in the pre-market report, Nifty went into the consolidation mode, except for HDFC that rallied up and kept the Nifty from further fall.

Though Nifty has consolidated today, the bulls are still not giving up. We need to wait and see if the Bulls can fight the bears for now or will take some rest before the next attack.

Sector Watch:

Every sector went into consolidation today while the financial services sector was supported by HDFC.

Top Gainers:

Most of our picks are among the top gainers today as you see 8 out of the 10 stocks here are already in our portfolio.

Tops Losers:

Profit booking was seen in few stocks as shown below.


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