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About Us

Welcome to MPI Invest, where we prioritize your financial well-being through a comprehensive range of products and personalized services. Founded by the accomplished Srikant Rajan, a postgraduate MBA and distinguished investor, MPI Invest is committed to guiding individuals on their journey towards financial success.

Our Diverse Product Offerings: At MPI Invest, we understand that financial goals vary from person to person. That's why we offer a diverse array of products to cater to your unique needs:

  • Retirement Planning: Ensuring your golden years are financially secure.

  • Financial Goal Planning: Tailoring strategies to achieve your specific financial objectives.

  • Wealth Protection: Safeguarding your assets and loved ones.

  • Wealth Growth: Focused on maximizing your wealth through strategic investments.

  • Health Insurance: Providing comprehensive coverage for your health needs.

  • Life Insurance: Offering protection and financial security for your loved ones.

  • Mutual Funds: Investing in a variety of funds for diversified returns.

  • PMS (Portfolio Management Services): Customized portfolio management for high-net-worth individuals.

  • AIF (Alternative Investment Funds): Exploring innovative investment opportunities.

Recognitions and Awards: MPI Invest takes pride in its achievements and has been honored with prestigious awards, reflecting our commitment to excellence. We were recognized by Motilal for top performance in HNI investment products and secured a spot among the top 10 firms nationwide. Additionally, IIFL acknowledged our significant contribution to HNI investment products.

MPI INVEST is promoted by Techpro Consultants LLP.

Our other business verticals include:
1. Corporate gifting & E-commerce (Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi & Dubai (UAE)
2. Orthodontic specialty clinics (Bangalore)
3. ARPRO (Auto blog & India's largest network of auto professionals from India)
Our verticals:

Our Partners:

Kotak Securities

All 42 Mutual Fund companies
Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC)

MAX life
Bajaj Allianz

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Meet Our Founder, Srikant Rajan: Behind MPI Invest stands our founder, Srikant Rajan, whose expertise and acumen have guided numerous individuals toward financial success. With a postgraduate MBA and a stellar track record as an investor, Srikant brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. His dedication to helping people achieve their financial goals with precise investment advice sets the tone for MPI Invest's client-centric approach.

At MPI Invest, we are not just financial advisors; we are your partners on the path to financial prosperity. Whether you are planning for retirement, seeking to grow your wealth, or ensuring the protection of your assets, MPI Invest is here to turn your financial aspirations into reality.

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