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This is how you can save a whopping Rs. 2000 on every 10 grams of gold! 🎉✨

The Union Government has recently unveiled the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2024, a golden opportunity for investors. The issuance comes in two tranches, with Series III available for subscription from 2024, February 12-16.

Unlock the Golden Opportunity with MPI Invest! 🌟💰

Hey there savvy investors! 🚀✨

Here’s the scoop: You can save a whopping Rs. 2000 on every 10 grams of gold! 🎉✨

With the current issue of SGBs priced at just Rs. 62,630 per 10 grams (that’s Rs. 1520 less than market rates for 24 carat pure gold), it’s your golden ticket to hassle-free and secure gold investments. But wait, there’s more! 🌈

Hop onto the online bandwagon and score an additional Rs. 50 discount per gram (that’s Rs. 500 off for 10 grams)! Your golden nest egg just got more affordable, thanks to MPI Invest. 💸💎

Ready to shine bright in the world of gold investments? Act now! Call 9900320009 and seize this glittering deal before it sparkles away. Your wealth journey begins with MPI Invest! 💼🌟

Eligibility and Features:

These bonds are open for purchase by resident individuals, HUFs, Trusts, Universities, and Charitable Institutions. Denominated in grams of gold, with a tenor of 8 years, these bonds offer an option for premature redemption after the 5th year.

Investment Limits and Price:

Investors can start with a minimum of one gram, up to a maximum of 4 kg for individuals, 4 kg for HUFs, and 20 kg for trusts per fiscal year. The issue price, determined by the average of the closing gold price, stands reduced by Rs 50 per gram for online subscribers using digital modes.

Payment Options and Interest Rates:

Flexible payment options include cash (up to Rs 20,000), demand draft, cheque, or electronic banking. With a fixed 2.5% annual interest rate paid semi-annually, these bonds also serve as collateral for loans.

Tax Benefits and Where to Buy:

While the interest is taxable, individual capital gains on redemption are exempt. Indexation benefits sweeten the deal. When it comes to purchasing SGBs, MPI Invest is your trusted partner. We not only facilitate the buying process but also guide you in aligning your investment with your financial goals, ensuring maximum returns.

Take Action Now:

Your pathway to financial security and growth starts with Sovereign Gold Bonds. Whatsapp us on +919900320009 to connect with MPI Invest, make informed decisions, and secure your share of SGBs. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to shape your financial future.



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