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How much do I get charged for share trading.

When trading in the share market, these are the charges applicable.

Securities Transaction Tax (STT) STT is levied by the government on transactions executed through stock exchanges. It is charged on both buy and sell transactions in the equity delivery segment. It is charged only on the sell transaction in intraday trades and Futures & Options segment.

SEBI charges Charged at `5 Per Crore (for Non-Agri commodities only) of the transaction value by Securities and Exchange Board of India for carrying out regulatory duties.

Commodities Transaction Tax (CTT) CTT is similar to STT and is levied on exchange-traded commodity derivatives in India.

Stamp charges Charged by the government for transacting in instruments on stock exchanges and depositories.

Transaction charges + Clearing charges Transaction charges are levied by the exchanges while clearing charges are levied by the Clearing Member. Clearing charges are levied for settling all Currency Derivatives Segment & Multi Commodities Exchange trades.

GST Goods & Services Tax (GST) is levied on brokerage + transaction charges at 18%.



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